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Preparatory year

Preparatory level A1

Preparatory level A1 is a bridging course allowing students with an elementary knowledge of French to access the level A2 preparatory year course in one semester or one year. It lays emphasis on basic language an cultural skills. It comprises two modules, one focused on language teaching, the other on culture.  

Study plan Preparatory level A1  Date 
pdf PE_elementaire_2013_1.pdf (68 Kb)  13.09.13 
Study plan 2005 - Preparatory year   Date 
pdf PE_preparatoire_2005.pdf (1056 Kb)  13.09.13 
Study plan 2013 - Preparatory year  Date 
pdf PE_preparatoire_2013.pdf (181 Kb)  13.09.13 

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Preparatory year level A2

Preparatory year level A2

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