Lemanic Day


For more than 15 years, the Departments and Institutes of Earth sciences of the UNIGE and UNIL organise each year a day of presentation of research conducted within their structures. 

A new feature this year: to promote carrier opportunities after having studied at the ELSTE, we have decided to invite some former students who are working in private firms or administrations in the region. They will be able to present their professional activity.

The Lemanic Day 2018 was held on November 9th, 2018 at the UNIL.

On this occasion, the "ELSTE prize 2018 - Augustin Lombard" - which honours the best ELSTE Master's theses in geology - has been awarded.

Programs of the "Lemanic Days"

Year Program
2018 Lemanic Day Program 2018  (1521 Ko)
2017 Lemanic Day Program 2017  (1583 Ko)
2016 Lemanic Day program 2016  (393 Ko)
2015 Lemanic Day program 2015  (269 Ko)
2014 Lemanic Day program 2014  (231 Ko)
2013 Because of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting at the UNIL on November 16th and 17th, the Lemanic Day did not take place.
2012 Lemanic Day program 2012  (272 Ko)
2011 Lemanic Day program 2011  (20 Ko)
2010 Lemanic Day program 2010  (92 Ko)
2009 Lemanic Day program 2009  (53 Ko)
2008 Lemanic Day program 2008  (111 Ko)
2006 Lemanic Day program 2006  (249 Ko)


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