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A joint Master in Earth sciences between UNIGE and UNIL | Presentation of the Master | Skills developed and job opportunities

A joint Master in Earth sciences between UNIGE and UNIL


Presentation of the Master

After several years of informal collaboration, the sections of Earth and environmental sciences of the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) have joined together in 1999. Thus was born the Lemanic school of Earth Sciences (Ecole Lémanique des Sciences de la Terre): the ELSTE.

Since then, the ELSTE offers a Master of science in Earth sciences jointly between the UNIGE and the UNIL. About 50 specialists provide some one hundred courses covering most fields of Earth Sciences, from geophysics to petrology, from sedimentology to mineral deposits, from geochronology to isotopic geochemistry, from alpine geology to risk analysis.

Orientations offered are:

  • Sedimentary, Environmental, and Reservoir Geology
  • Geochemistry, Alpine Tectonics, Ore Deposits
  • Geological Risks

Whichever option is chosen, students receive a thorough on-the-ground training and in numerous analytical techniques, quantitative data processing and modeling. They have access to state-of-the-art laboratories (ICPMS, stable isotopes, ion probe SwissSIMS, seismic analysis, etc.) and can do their master's thesis in all four corners of the Earth.

This program of Master can be entirely completed in English.



Skills developed and job opportunities

This blend of disciplines offers a solid formation combining fundamental science with applied skills such as: oral and written communication, critical mind, analytical and summarizing skills, conducting research work, learning and transmission of knowledge, autonomy and exercise of judgment.

This wide range of competences, together with expertise acquired during the studies, prepare the students to professional functions in varied sectors. Opportunities include for example:

  • Swiss and foreign offices of applied geology
  • Environmental expertise
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Mining industry
  • Technical industry
  • Cantonal / federal Swiss administrations
  • Swiss and foreign academic careers
  • Varied NGO
  • ...
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