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Vous trouverez ci-après une liste de publications (articles scientifiques et actes de conférence) issus de travaux de Master d'étudiant·e·s ELSTE.

Pour consulter les publications du corps enseignant de l'ELSTE, veuillez vous rendre sur le site du Département des sciences de la Terre de l'UNIGE ou sur le site de l'Institut des sciences de la Terre de l'UNIL.


Articles scientifiques ⬇

Khalil, H., McRoberts, C., Del Piero, N., Stanley Jr, G., Martini, R.& Rigaud, S., New biostratigraphic constraints for the Martin Bridge Formation (Upper Triassic, Wallowa terrane, Oregon, U.S.A.). Revue de Paléobiologie, Genève 37 (1), pp.109-119, 2018. [Abstract]

Chiaradia, M., Pujol-Solà, N., Farré-de-Pablom, J., Aiuppa, A., Paonita, A., Rizzo, A. L., Brusca, L., Geochemistry and isotope composition (Sr, Pb, δ66Zn) of Vulcano fumaroles (Aeolian Island, Italy). Chemical Geology 493, pp.153-171, 2018. [Abstract]





Articles scientifiques ⬇

Burns Fiona A., Bonadonna Costanza, Pioli Laura, Cole P. D., Stinton A., Ash aggregation during the 11 February 2010 partial dome collapse of the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 335, pp.92-112, 2017. [Abstract]





Articles scientifiques ⬇

Dominguez Lucia, Pioli Laura, Bonadonna Costanza, Andronico D., Connors C., Harris A., Ripepe M., Quantifying unsteadiness and dynamics of volcanic pulsatory activity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 444, pp. 160-168, 2016. [Abstract]

Fantasia Alicia, Adatte Thierry, Spangenberg Jorge E., Font Eric, Palaeoenvironmental changes associated with Deccan volcanism, examples from terrestrial deposits from Central India. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 441, pp. 165-180, 2016. [Abstract]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Shawwa Nabil A., Chesnel Valentin, Merino-Tomé Óscar, Fernández Luis Pedro, Šegvić Branimir, Samankassou Elias, Linking subaerial exposures to paleoenvironments and paleoclimates (Valdorria carbonate platform, northern Spain). Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Geneva (Switzerland), pp. 206, 2016. [Abstract]





Articles scientifiques ⬇

Beguelin Paul, Chiaradia Massimo, Beate B, Spikings Richard A., The Yanaurcu volcano (Western Cordillera, Ecuador): A field, petrographic, geochemical, isotopic and geochronological study. Lithos 218-219, pp. 37-53, 2015. [Abstract]

Chelle-Michou Cyril, Chiaradia Massimo, Beguelin Paul, and Ulianov Alexey, Petrological Evolution of the Magmatic Suite Associated with the Coroccohuayco Cu(–Au–Fe) Porphyry–Skarn Deposit, Peru. Journal of Petrology 56, no. 9, pp. 1829-1862, 2015. [Abstract]

Föllmi Karl B., Hofmann Hélène, Chiaradia Massimo, de Kaenel Eric, Frijia Gianluca, Parente Mariano, Miocene phosphate-rich sediments in Salento (southern Italy). Sedimentary Geology 327, pp. 55-71, 2015. [Abstract]

Laurent David, de Kaenel Eric, Spangenberg Jorge E., Föllmi Karl B., A sedimentological model of organic-matter preservation and phosphogenesis in the Miocene Monterey Formation at Haskells Beach, Goleta (central California). Sedimentary Geology 326, pp. 16-32, 2015. [Abstract]

McCarthy Anders, Müntener Othmar, Ancient depletion and mantle heterogeneity: Revisiting the Permian- Jurassic paradox of Alpine peridotites. Geology 43 (March), pp. 255-258, 2015. [Abstract]

Manzella Irene, Bonadonna Costanza, Phillips Jeremy C., Monnard HélèneThe role of gravitational instabilities in deposition of volcanic ash. Geology 43, pp. 271-272, 2015. [Abstract] [pdf]

Pioli Laura, Scalisi Rosalinda, Costantini Licia, Di Muro Andrea, Bonadonna Costanza, Clavero Jorge, Explosive style, magma degassing and evolution in the Chaimilla eruption, Villarrica volcano, Southern Andes. Bulletin of Volcanology (2015) 77:93. [Abstract]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Arbiol Carlos, Kouzmanov Kalin, Dini Andrea, Wälle Markus, Major and trace element geochemistry of a distal Fe skarn – Terre di Rio, Elba Island (Italy) : Insights from hedenbergite, epidote and ilvaite LA-ICP-MS analyses. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 78-79, 2015. [Abstract]

Bach Núria, Kouzmanov Kalin, Caricchi Luca, Dini Andrea, Wälle Markus, Compositional variations of peritectic garnet in peraluminous leucogranite sills from Elba Island (Italy) : Implications for crustal melt generation processes. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 102-103, 2015. [Abstract]

Bovay Thomas, Kouzmanov Kalin, Dini Andrea, Wälle Markus, Vassileva Rossitsa, Gerdjikov Ianko, Distal johannsenite-hedenbergite skarns at Madan, Bulgaria and their link to Pb-Zn mineralization: constraints from trace element analyses in skarn silicates. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 81, 2015. [Abstract]

Calpini Caroline, Simpson Guy, Frischknecht Corine, Girardclos Stéphanie, Understanding tsunami hazard and risk in lakes: the case of western Lake Geneva. Proceedings of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics general assembly, Prague (Czech Republic). [Abstract] [Presentation]

Chatzipanagiotou Christos, Gervilla Fernando, Fontboté Lluis, Genetic relationships between spatially associated arsenide and sulphide magmatic ores from the Carratraca Ultramafic Massif (Málaga, south Spain). Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 84-85, 2015. [Abstract]

Hirsiger Caroline, Bussy François, Epard Jean-Luc, Masson Henri, Steck Albrecht, Ulianov Alexey, The Lower Permian Alpigia magmatic complex and its country rock (Upper Maggia Valley, Central Alps): petrology, geochronology and structural position. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 106-107, 2015. [Abstract][Poster]

Karadima Natalia, Kouzmanov Kalin, Dini Andrea, Wälle Markus, Spangenberg Jorge, Poté John, Sulfur isotopes and trace element analyses of ore and gangue minerals from the Rio Marina Fe-deposit, Elba Island: implications for formation mechanism and fluid sources. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 87-88, 2015. [Abstract]

Regnier Antoine, Caricchi Luca, John Makario Londoño, Mendez Ricardo Arturo, Petrological evolution and pre-eruptive conditions of a highly explosive volcano showing signs of unrest: Cerro Machin, Colombia. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 90, 2015. [Abstract]

Ricchi Emmanuelle, Caricchi Luca, Ilya Bindeman, Wotzlaw Jörn, The generation and architecture of crustal rhyolitic reservoirs: insights from the Kilgore Tuff eruption. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 91, 2015. [Abstract]

Scrignari Milena, Pioli Laura, Andronico Daniele, Caricchi Luca, Driving mechanisms of the 1651 and 2002 eruptions at Etna volcano, Italy. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 92, 2015. [Abstract]

Tamagnone Cosmelli Elisa, Chiaradia Massimo, Caricchi Luca, Petrography and geochemistry of Cusìn and Cubicle volcanic complexes (Interandean Valley, Ecuador). Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel (Switzerland), pp. 93, 2015. [Abstract]




Articles scientifiques ⬇

Chiaradia Massimo, Barnes Jaime D., Cadet-Voisin Sabine, Chlorine stable isotope variations across the Quaternary volcanic arc of Ecuador. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 396, pp. 22-33, 2014. [Abstract]

Ndiaye Matar, Clerc Nicolas, Gorin Georges, Girardclos Stéphanie, Fiore Julien, Lake Neuchâtel (Switzerland) seismic stratigraphic record points to the simultaneous Würmian deglaciation of the Rhône Glacier and Jura Ice Cap. Quaternary Science Reviews 85, pp. 1-19, 2014. [Abstract]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Buret Yannick, Kouzmanov Kalin, Spikings Richard, Gerdjikov Yanko, Timing of polymetallic Pb-Zn mineralisation in the Laki district, southern Bulgaria - constraints from 40Ar/39Ar dates. Proceedings of the Congress of Carpathian Balkan Geological Association, Tirana (Albania), pp. 149, 2014. [Abstract]

Corthay Guillaume, Vennemann Torsten, Kalinaj Miroslav, Vallance Jean, Fontboté Lluis, The Quenamari prospect, San Rafael tin district, southern Peru: geology, mineral assemblages, fluid inclusion microthermometry, and stable isotope compositions. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Fribourg (Switzerland), pp. 76-77, 2014. [Abstract]







Articles scientifiques ⬇

Manzella Irene, Pioli Laura, Bagheri Gholamhossein, Monnard Hélène, Phillips Jeremy, Bonadonna Costanza, Approche expérimentale dans la compréhension des dangers liés aux éruptions volcaniques. Les dangers naturels en Suisse: pratiques et développements, Mémoires de la Société vaudoise des Sciences naturelles 25, pp. 311-318, 2013. [Résumé]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Buret Yannick, Kouzmanov Kalin, Spikings Richard, Gerdjikov Yanko, Timing of polymetallic Pb-Zn mineralisation in the Laki district, southern Bulgaria - constraints from 40Ar/39Ar dates. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland), pp. 49-50, 2013. [Abstract]





Articles scientifiques ⬇

Galster Federico, Cavargna-Sani Mattia, Epard Jean-Luc, Masson Henri, New stratigraphic data from the Lower Penninic between the Adula nappe and the Gotthard massif and consequences for the tectonics and the paleogeography of the Central Alps. Tectonophysics 579, pp. 37-55, 2012. [Abstract]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Lambiel Frédéric, Dold Bernhard, Fontboté Lluis, Present copper-rich "gel" formation in the giant porphyry copper deposit of Chuquicamata (northern Chile). Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern (Switzerland), pp. 122-123, 2012. [Abstract]

Meyer Aurélien, Kindler Pascal, New U/Th and amino-acid racemization dating and interpretation of pleistocene sequences from West Caicos Island (Caicos platform): inplications for cyclostratigraphy. Proceedings of the 15th symposium on the geology of the Bahamas and other carbonate regions, San Salvador (Bahamas) pp. 82-95, 2012. [pdf]




Articles scientifiques ⬇

Biass Sébastien, Bonadonna Costanza, A quantitative uncertainty assessment of eruptive parameters derived from tephra deposits: the example of two large eruptions of Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador. Bulletin of Volcanology 73(1), pp. 73-90, 2011. [Abstract]

Longchamp Céline, Bonadonna Costanza, Bachmann Olivier, Skopelittis Alexandra, Characterization of tephra deposits with limited exposure: the example of the two largest explosive eruptions at Nisyros volcano (Greece). Bulletin of Volcanology 73(9), pp. 1337-1352, 2011. [Abstract]

Matasci Battista, Epard Jean-Luc, The Teggiolo zone: a key to the Helvetic-Penninic connection (stratigraphy and tectonics in the Val Bavona, Ticino, Central Alps). Swiss Journal of Geosciences 104, pp. 257-283, 2011. [Abstract]


Actes de conférence ⬇

Buret Yannick, Kouzmanov Kalin, Polymetallic mineralization in the Laki mining district Southern Bulgaria: Paragenesis and fluid evolution. Proceedings of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich (Switzerland), pp. 88-89, 2011. [Abstract]

Chevalier Anne, Kouzmanov Kalin, Fontboté Lluis, Ulianov Alexey, Elemental mass balance and REE behavior in the hydrothermal alteration associated with the Ticlio porphyry stock, Morococha district, Peru. Proceedings of the Meeting of Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, Antofagasta (Chile), pp. 420-422, 2011. [pdf]

Pérez José Augustin, Kouzmanov Kalin, Fontboté Lluis, Mineralization, structural, and geochemical characteristics of the Toldojirca prospect and the San Andrés vein, Morococha district, central Peru. Proceedings of the Meeting of Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, Antofagasta (Chile), pp. 247-249, 2011. [pdf]





Articles scientifiques ⬇

Galster Federico, Epard Jean-Luc, Masson Henri, The Soja and Luzzone-Terri nappes: discovery of a Briançonnais element below the front of the Adula nappe (NE Ticino, Central Alps). Bulletin de la Société vaudoise des Sciences naturelles 92.2, pp. 61-75, 2010. [Résumé]


Actes de conférence ⬇




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