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Publié le:  21.03.11
Modifié le:  21.03.11
Géosciences et Environnement
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Urban neoliberalism in comparative perspective

Conférence donnée dans le cadre du cours bloc «Ecologie politique urbaine et qualité de vie», Master en géographie, orientation «études urbaines»
Mercredi 23 mars 2011 (10h00 - 11h00)  -  Amphipôle UNIL - Sorge  -  319
Conférencier(s) / animateur(s):  Prof. Jennifer ROBINSON   Professor, Department of Geography, University College London

This discussion will place broadly Marxist theories about neoliberalism as part of the regulatory apparatus of global capitalism or the resurgence of class power alongside other accounts of neoliberalism as a form of governmental technology; and consider the place of comparative thinking in existing theories of urban neoliberalisation. What places and experiences have informed theories of neoliberalism and understandings of its impacts in cities? Would a wider comparative perspective on the circulations of neoliberal urban policy change these accounts? We will explore some of the key debates within the analysis of urban neoliberalism and the neoliberalisation of urban policy. Alongside the regulationist Marxist accounts, we will seek to assess the implications for theory and politics of the more Foucauldian accounts of authors influenced by experience in Asia and Europe.

Jennifer Robinson's current research builds on her book, Ordinary Cities: Between Modernity and Development (Routledge, 2006), which develops a postcolonial critique of urban studies, presenting resources for cutting across the thinking that has divided understandings of Western and Third World Cities. She argues against perspectives which categorize cities as Global, Third World, Mega, African etc. and suggests instead an attentiveness to the diverse trajectories of 'ordinary cities'. This work has strong implications for the practices of urban studies internationally, and invites a regrounding of comparative urbanism in rigorous practices able to encompass both wealthier and poorer cities so as to generate approaches to understanding cities which are properly international.

La conférence sera donnée en anglais

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