Parution de " The 2015 Swiss National Elections", Swiss Political Science...
This special issue brings together a large variety of contributions dealing with party choice, political attitudes and the dynamics of electoral campaigns in Switzerland. The articles in this volume address central issues of the literature dealing with the two-dimensional structure of political competition, take up key questions of the dynamics of election campaigns, and finally echo a large interest for the topic of populism, not only on the side of the parties but also on the side of the voters. The introduction also underlines the new and innovative ways in which the articles link the different datasets together in order to address substantial questions on the complexity of the environment in which voters form their choice and political parties operate during an election campaign.
Programme des conférences du GREC
Semestre d'automne 2018
Frustriert oder faul - warum gehen viele nicht wählen?
Bei den Nationalratswahlen 2015 lag die Stimmbeteiligung bei 48.5 Prozent. Oder anders gesagt: Fast 52 Prozent aller Stimmberechtigten haben nicht gewählt. Warum? Dieser Frage gehen wir in der Sendung «Treffpunkt» nach. Interview de Anke Tresch lors d'une émission sur l'abstentionnisme du 5 septembre 2018. (SRF 1)
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