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Developments in Interdisciplinary Spatiotemporal Modelling


This seminar will present modern concepts and methods of integrated modelling in interdisciplinary space-time environments. It has been said that to be is to be connected. In this sense, the development of an integrated space-time approach should reside on organized connectedness between the various scientific disciplines uner conditions of multi-sourced uncertainty. A knowledge synthesis framework can provide the rational means for assimilating a variety of information bases (general and site-specific) that are relevant to the natural system of interest. Epistemic cognition techniques can produce a realistic representation of the system, provide a rigorous assessment of the uncertainty sources, and generate informative predictions across space-time. The mathematics of integrated modelling involve a powerful and versatile spatiotemporal random field theory and stochastic logic principles that impose no restriction on the shape of the probability distributions or the form of the predictors, and accounts rigorously for the uncertainty features of the natural system. Analytical examples will be discussed and real-world case studies will be examined.
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