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Field characterization, Monitoring, Modelling of fast moving landslides


Fast moving landslides occur frequently in mountainous areas and can be characterized by very different types. Hazard and risk assessment of such phenomena is a difficult task that only recently received enough attention. Fast moving landslides can occur as isolated phenomena or in conjunction or within large slow moving slope instabilities. Nevertheless, the continuous development of urban areas and the use of very remote areas are becoming more and more important increasing the exposure of the population to such type of danger. Rock fall modelling through the adoption of a very detailed topographic description can allow the estimation of rock fall hazard at a regional or local scale with much greater detail than in the past. Rock avalanche modelling including topographic features and landslide material properties can allow a more precise or objective definition of the endangered areas as well as the effectiveness of countermeasures. Shallow landslide physically-based modelling can be at the base of a regional or local scale zonation for a class of phenomena that is usually very difficult to be forecasted. In all these cases the calibration of the model is fundamental whereas verification and validation can present some problems.
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