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Alberto Carrara, CNR-IEIIT, Bologna, Italy

Personal | Current Research | National and International Activities | Teaching Activity | Publications


Laurea in Geological Sciences from the University of Bologna.

Ph.D. in Structural Geology from the University of Ottawa.

Presently, Senior Research Scientist of the National Research Council at IEIIT-Bologna.


Current Research

GIS-based techniques and multivariate statistical methods in assessing and predicting natural hazards (mainly landsliding). Methods for generating and validating DTMs derived from contour lines, digital photogrammetric techniques and other technologies. Methods for the automated generation of channels and divides and generations of physically-based terrain-units.¨ Hydro-geological databases and hazard assessment guidelines through WWW (development of WWW-GIS gateways for distributed access to hazard maps).


National and International Activities

Member of National Commissions on Soil Conservation Regulations and Laws (Rome, 1979) and on Landslide Classification and Terminology (Rome, 1978-1982). Member of the Soil Conservation Project of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, 1976-1982). Chairman of the National Commission on Landslide Hazard Mapping (Rome, 1985-1986). Member of the Italian National Group for the Prevention from Hydro-geological Disasters (1985-2004). Member of the Executive Committee of GISIG, Genova (from 1998). Consultant of Local Administrations (Regione Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia, Toscana, Provincia di Trento, etc.) for carrying out project aimed at both assessing landslide hazard, and producing digital cartography (1980-2005).


Teaching Activity

Part-time Professor (Universities of Palermo, Perugia, Milano, Bologna and Milano-Bicocca) teaching courses on: statistical methods in geology, fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems, databases of spatial data, and applications of GIS technology in assessing natural hazards.



Author/co-author of 100 scientific papers, short articles and technical reports and editor/co-editor of four scientific books.
  • Carrara A., 1983. Multivariate models for landslide hazard evaluation. Mathematical Geol., v. 15, n. 3, p. 403-426.
  • Carrara A., Cardinali M., Detti R., Guzzetti G., Pasqui V. & Reichenbach P., 1991. GIS techniques and statistical models in evaluating landslide hazard. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 16, p. 427-445.
  • Carrara A., Cardinali M., Guzzetti F., 1992. Uncertainty in assessing landslide hazard and risk. ITC Jour., 1992-2, p. 172-183.
  • Carrara A. , Cardinali M., Guzzetti F. Reichenback P., 1995. GIS technology in mapping landside hazard. In Carrara A & Guzzetti F. (eds.), Geographical Information Systems in Assessing. Natural Hazards, p. 135-176, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht.
  • Carrara A., Bitelli G. e Carla' R. 1997. Comparison of techniques for generating digital terrain models from contour lines. Int. Jour. of Geographical Information Science v. 11, p. 451-473.
  • Carrara A., Crosta G. & Frattini P., 2003. Geomorphological and historical data in assessing landslide hazard. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 28, p. 1125-1142.


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