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When is the best time of day for executives to work on strategic tasks?
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL | While studies have shown how our biological clock and the time of day can affect the mood of Twitter users or the performance of doctors and judges, how does it work with executives? How might their choice of timing affect the company when it comes to communicating strategic information? Find out in the first research of its kind, conducted by Prof. Elizabeth Demers.
Follow the 4th CHIC: connected objects
The fourth China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) learning program started up in October 2017. As part of it, the teams of students from HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne), EPFL, and ECAL will produce the connected objects they have designed in China. The first three CHIC camps led to projects with social, medical and sustainable components. This year, the focus is on fun and practicality, with objects enabling increased interactions between parents and children, optimized monitoring of groups of children on trips, and improved concentration at work.
Baromètre conjoncturel (conjoncture romande et suisse) - n°90
Juillet 2018 | Évolution jusqu'au troisième trimestre 2018
War & Peace: is power sharing a way of curbing violence between rival factions?
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL | At a time when conflicts between rival factions are raging in numerous countries and regions, what are the levers we can use to combat the resulting violence? Can power sharing save lives? That’s what Prof. Dominic Rohner from HEC Lausanne is trying to establish in his latest research.
Prof. Dominic Rohner receives an Excellence in Refereeing Award
Dominic Rohner, Professor at HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne), has just been awarded the Excellence in Refereeing Award 2017 by the Review of Economic Studies. The School congratulates Professor Rohner on his numerous contributions, which have enhanced academic research in the field of political economics and development.
Recent top publications
Labit-Hardy H., Arnold S. Cause-of-Death Mortality. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics.
Degen K., Lalive R. Overcoming Salience Bias. Management Science
D. Philippe, X. Castañer. Run Away or Stick Together? Academy of Management Review.
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