Fonds National Suisse

De janvier à décembre 2018, les projets de 18 chercheur·euse·s de la Faculté des HEC ont été sélectionnés par le Fonds National Suisse de la recherche scientifique (FNS) pour l’obtention d’un subside. Le montant total accordé s'élève à plus de 9 millions de francs suisses:

  • Bangerter, A., Gatica-Perez, D., Schmid Mast, M.
    Automatic analysis of verbal and non-verbal behavior and provision of feedback in video selection interviews
    CHF 250'000, 18 mois 
  • Bonardi, J.-P.
    Towards a better understanding of competitive intensity and inter-firm rivalry: a study of mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures in Europe
    CHF 194'363, 24 mois
  • Benhima, K.
    Capital flows and information frictions
    CHF 289'676, 36 mois

  • Chavez, V.
    Predicting Patient Flow Congestion Using Extreme Value Theory
    CHF 479'190, 36 mois
  • Czellar, S.
    The Influence of Environmental Identities on Sustainable Market Behaviors
    CHF 561'327, 48 mois
  • Goyal, A.
    The Perils and Prospects of Big Data in Finance
    CHF 310'464, 48 mois 
  • Haack, P.
    Legitimacy as a Multi-level Judgment: Experimental Evidence
    CHF 304'658, 48 mois
  • Hashorva, E.
    Rare Events & Extremes of Multi-Valued Random Fields
    CHF 193'719, 24 mois
  • Huguenin, K., Hubaux, J.-P.
    Pervasive Protection for Lifestyle Tracking Devices and Applications
    CHF 563'257, 36 mois
  • Junod, V., Simon, O., Broers, B., Pautex, S.
    Narcotic medicine, how to define and regulate them in Switzerland 
    CHF 643’523, 48 months
  • Lalive, R., Pellizzari, M., Cherubini, M., Kliegel, M., Benghalem, H. 
    Unemployment Exit and Entry: Cognition, Nudges, Information, and Eligibility Screening
    (HEC & NCCR Lives project)
    CHF 774'600, 36 mois
  • Panese, F., Wagner, J., Sprumont, D., Strasser, B.
    Project partner: Legner, C.
    Development of Personalized Health in Switzerland: Social Sciences Perpectives
    (Sinergia project)
    CHF 2'764'048, 48 mois
  • Philippe, D., Swaton, S.
    The influence of ecological criticism on capitalism: A crossed theoretical perspective between pragmatic sociology and institutional logics
    CHF 323'787, 36 mois 
  • Renne, J.-P.
    Fiscal limits and the pricing of Sovereign debt 
    CHF 173'952, 24 mois 
  • Schmid Mast, M., Sandi, C.
    Go Where No-One Has Gone: Virtual Reality for Interpersonal Skills Training
    (Sinergia project)
    CHF 1'594'190, 48 months
  • Thoenig, M.
    The Refugee’s Dilemma: Uncertain Threat at Home or Costly Asylum Abroad? Evidence from Jewish Emigration in Nazi Germany
    CHF 367'945, 24 mois 
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