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Word of welcome

Professor Michael Rockinger,

Director of the Master in Finance (MScF)



From 2017 on, the Master’s in Finance will lead to three orientations namely in:

  • Asset and risk management 
  • Corporate finance 
  • Financial entrepreneurship and data science

The type of orientation figures on the diploma which students receive upon graduation. It will help our partners from industry to identify faster the profile of our graduates.

Over the past few years the MScF has increased in size. The reorganization of the MScF should allow for an even better match between students’ interests and demand from the industry. It should also, due to smaller classes, improve an already good proximity between students and professors leading to stronger soft-skills.

If you peruse the list of professors, you will notice that most of them hold a doctoral degree from a prestigious American or European university. You will also notice that they have an impressive publications record, one of the benchmarks used by academics to gauge their ability. They also have close contacts with the financial industry.

Our philosophy is to maintain an excellent level of education, because this is what the companies and financial institutions recruiting our graduates expect. After the subprimes and debt crisis, we adapted our curriculum to emphasize the model-hypotheses that failed. In 2017, we introduced three orientations to meet the challenge of dealing with a large and growing student body: 

  • The "Asset and risk management" orientation is a direct follow up to the previous MScF with highly quantitative skills. This orientation is more technical building on empirical methods in finance, quantitative asset and risk management I and II, as well as alternative investments and banking.
  • With the orientation in "Corporate finance", we extended our palette to make it an authentic orientation. It provides a solid understanding of valuation and how to perform a financial analysis of firms in general. In advanced courses, students will learn about private equity, venture capital and how to restructure firms.
  • An orientation in "Financial entrepreneurship and data science" has also been introduced, to meet the information technological challenges that the finance industry will face over the coming years. We also hope that some of our students will become entrepreneurs, either fully independently running their own startup, or as leaders of Finance-IT directed projects for the industry. This orientation provides students with a solid background in finance and an introduction to information technology and data science as related to finance. This program will not make a programmer out the students but should provide them with the necessary knowledge to instruct programs to implement the required tools to deal with fintech / crowd funding, robo-advising, chat-bots, distributed ledgers. Students will also have knowledge of themes that belong to machine learning such as classification algorithms, deep learning, and natural language processing to just name a few.

To sum up, we believe that our program is one of the best in Europe, comparable with the best American programs.

The excellent quality of our Master's of Science in Finance has also been recognized by prestigious organizations such as the CFA, CAIA and GARP with whom we are program-partner. Plus, some of the teaching staff are members of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI). To be program partner means that our courses cover a large part of the curriculum required to succeed in the respective certification examinations. The partnership with CFA allows us to award five fellowships for the examinations to outstanding MScF students. Note that HEC Lausanne is the first university worldwide to obtain a partnership with all three of these prestigious certifying bodies.

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