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International conference
The international gold market from the late 19th century until today: actors, networks and issues


Convener : Dr. Sandra Bott (University of Lausanne)
Contact : Sandra.Bott@unil.ch

Location : University of Lausanne - Unithèque building (Central Library, BCU) - Room 511 (>Access)


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Friday 9 March

Welcome and opening of the Conference: Sandra Bott (University of Lausanne)
Opening speech: Catherine R. Schenk (University of Glasgow)

- Chair: Sébastien Guex (University of Lausanne)

Stefano Ugolini (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
The Bank of England in the London Bullion Market, 1860-1914

Michele Blagg (Centre for Contemporary British History at King’s College, London)
The end of the rainbow, the demise of gold refining in London

Steven Topik (University of California)
How the Gold Standard Acted in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Afternoon - Chair: Olivier Feiertag (University of Rouens and University of Geneva)

Georges Gallais-Hamonno (Université d’Orléans), Thi Hong Van Hoang (Montpellier Business School)
Gold in France 1803 to date: from a currency to a financial asset

Rachel Harvey (Columbia University)
Maket Status/Status Markets : The London Gold Fixing in the Bretton Woods Era

Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl (University of Lausanne)
Gold as a diplomatic tool. How the gold trade shaped political relations
between the United States and the European Community, 1958-1968


Saturday 10 March

Morning - Chair : Thomas David (University of Lausanne)

Catherine R. Schenk (University of Glasgow)
The Hong Kong Gold Market during the 1960s

Bernd-Stefan Grewe (University of Education, Freiburg)
The Golden Route to India: India’s Gold Control Policy and the Illegal Import of Gold (1960-1992)

Sandra Bott (University of Lausanne)
Gold at the heart of the competition between the Zurich and London financial markets, 1945-1975


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