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  1. Allam R., Darisipudi M.N., Rupanagudi K.V., Lichtnekert J., Tschopp J., Anders H.J., 2011. Cutting edge: cyclic polypeptide and aminoglycoside antibiotics trigger IL-1β secretion by activating the NLRP3 inflammasome. Journal of Immunology 186(5) p. 2714-2718.
  2. Arévalo-Herrera M., Soto L., Perlaza B.L., Céspedes N., Vera O., Lenis A.M., Bonelo A., Corradin G., Herrera S., 2011. Antibody-mediated and cellular immune responses induced in naive volunteers by vaccination with long synthetic peptides derived from the Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite protein. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 84(2 Suppl) p. 35-42.
  3. Arévalo-Herrera M., Vera O., Castellanos A., Céspedes N., Soto L., Corradin G., Herrera S., 2011. Preclinical vaccine study of Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite protein derived-synthetic polypeptides formulated in montanide ISA 720 and montanide ISA 51 adjuvants. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 84(2 Suppl) p. 21-27.
  4. Bacchelli C., Buckland K.F., Buckridge S., Salzer U., Schneider P., Thrasher A.J., Gaspar H.B., 2011. The C76R transmembrane activator and calcium modulator cyclophilin ligand interactor mutation disrupts antibody production and B-cell homeostasis in heterozygous and homozygous mice. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 127(5) p. 1253-9.e13.
  5. Besnard A.G., Guillou N., Tschopp J., Erard F., Couillin I., Iwakura Y., Quesniaux V., Ryffel B., Togbe D., 2011. NLRP3 inflammasome is required in murine asthma in the absence of aluminum adjuvant. Allergy 66(8) p. 1047-1057.
  6. Boeglin E., Smulski C.R., Brun S., Milosevic S., Schneider P., Fournel S., 2011. Toll-like receptor agonists synergize with CD40L to induce either proliferation or plasma cell differentiation of mouse B cells. PLoS One 6(10) p. e25542.
  7. Bossen C., Tardivel A., Willen L., Fletcher C.A., Perroud M., Beermann F., Rolink A.G., Scott M.L., Mackay F., Schneider P., 2011. Mutation of the BAFF furin cleavage site impairs B-cell homeostasis and antibody responses. European Journal of Immunology 41(3) p. 787-797.
  8. Cheng J.M., Chee S.H., Knight D.A., Acha-Orbea H., Hermans I.F., Timmer M.S., Stocker B.L., 2011. An improved synthesis of dansylated α-galactosylceramide and its use as a fluorescent probe for the monitoring of glycolipid uptake by cells. Carbohydrate Research 346(7) p. 914-926.
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  11. Darisipudi M.N., Allam R., Rupanagudi K.V., Anders H.J., 2011. Polyene macrolide antifungal drugs trigger interleukin-1β secretion by activating the NLRP3 inflammasome. PLoS One 6(5) p. e19588.
  12. Dotto G.P., 2011. Calcineurin signaling as a negative determinant of keratinocyte cancer stem cell potential and carcinogenesis. Cancer Research 71(6) p. 2029-2033.
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  16. Ganeff C., Remouchamps C., Boutaffala L., Benezech C., Galopin G., Vandepaer S., Bouillenne F., Ormenese S., Chariot A., Schneider P., Caamaño J., Piette J., Dejardin E., 2011. Induction of the alternative NF-κB pathway by lymphotoxin αβ (LTαβ) relies on internalization of LTβ receptor. Molecular and Cellular Biology 31(21) p. 4319-4334.
  17. Guarda G., Braun M., Staehli F., Tardivel A., Mattmann C., Förster I., Farlik M., Decker T., Du Pasquier R.A., Romero P., Tschopp J., 2011. Type I interferon inhibits interleukin-1 production and inflammasome activation. Immunity 34(2) p. 213-223.
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  21. Heinz L.X., Rebsamen M., Rossi D.C., Staehli F., Schroder K., Quadroni M., Gross O., Schneider P., Tschopp J., 2011. The death domain-containing protein Unc5CL is a novel MyD88-independent activator of the pro-inflammatory IRAK signaling cascade. Cell Death and Differentiation.
  22. Henríquez M., Herrera-Molina R., Valdivia A., Alvarez A., Kong M., Muñoz N., Eisner V., Jaimovich E., Schneider P., Quest A.F., Leyton L., 2011. ATP release due to Thy-1-integrin binding induces P2X7-mediated calcium entry required for focal adhesion formation. Journal of Cell Science 124(Pt 9) p. 1581-1588.
  23. Herrera S., Fernández O.L., Vera O., Cárdenas W., Ramírez O., Palacios R., Chen-Mok M., Corradin G., Arévalo-Herrera M., 2011. Phase I safety and immunogenicity trial of Plasmodium vivax CS derived long synthetic peptides adjuvanted with montanide ISA 720 or montanide ISA 51. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 84(2 Suppl) p. 12-20.
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