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Public Management and Human Resource Management

The Public Management and Human Resource Management unit studies and makes the most of the human potential with public organisations.

There is abundant literature underlining the essential role that human resources management plays within organisations, whether that is in the strategic activities of designing quality public services or in supplying them by associating professionalism, reliability and a spirit of public service. Nevertheless, current human resources management practices show that there is still a long way to go before the strategic potential of staff members might be considered optimal. All the facets of public management can help us to work towards this goal, however. New leadership and organisational practices and policies for human resources management must be developed coherently and with regards to the current state of knowledge in this field. In brief, human resources management in a fascinating and essential field for all public organisations.



Prof. Yves Emery
Quartier UNIL-Mouline
Bâtiment IDHEAP
CH-1015 Lausanne
+41 21 692 68 70

Myriam Gulfo
+41 21 692 68 33 (sauf le mercredi)

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