Labs # 1440 - 1436

Perkin Elmer Frontier MIR NIR

The Frontier MIR-NIR from Perkin Elmer is an Infra-Red Spectrometer working in the near and mid infrared spectra. It allows organic matter (functional groups associated with samples) and minerals (such as clay minerals) to be studied and characterized, either in the solid state or in solution. Three system sets are available, the Universal Attenuated Transmitted Reflectance (UATR-FTIR) with a diamond crystal, a system for KBr pellet analysis in transmission, as well as a DRIFT (Diffuse Reflectance) system.


UV-Vis fluorescence spectrometer

The Horiba Fluorolog-3 is a fluorescence spectrometer used to obtain an emission-excitation (MEE) matrix. This matrix allows the characterization of organic components present in solution according to their fluorescent properties in the UV and visible domains. Analyses of solid samples are also possible. This instrument is mainly used for analyses of dissolved organic carbon.




Grain sizer

The Beckmann Coulter grain sizer uses the principle of laser diffraction to measure particles between 0.01 um and 2 mm. one module of dispersion is connected : which allows wet samples to be analyzed, and an autosampler for 36 samples. This equipment is used to study soils, sediments, artificial sands, etc.


Source: ALT




SmartChem 200 AMS Alliance

The SmartChem is an automatic sequential analyzer. It can analyze numerous parameters such as chlorides, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, sulfate but also the pH, conductivity, redox. It’s an analytical solution for drinking water, wastewater, soil and other environmental samples.



Source: AMS Alliance