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Contact and Links

For more information, please contact :
Keith Harshman
Lausanne Genomic Technologies Facility
Center for Integrative Genomics
University of Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne
++41-21-692-3906 (phone)
++41-21-692-3905 (fax)
E-mail address : Keith.Harshman (at) unil.ch

IECB Steering Committee

Christian Hardtke, Department of Plant Molecular biology
Keith Harshman -- Program Director, Center for Integrative Genomics
Alexandre Reymond, Center for Integrative Genomics
Sophie Martin, Department of Fundamental Microbiology
Ioannis Xenarios, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics


CH-1015 Lausanne  - Switzerland  -  Tel. +41 21 692 39 00
Swiss University