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The Laboratory for the Analysis of Governance and Public Policy in Europe (LAGAPE) is a research unit that brings together members of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IEPI) who work on public policies and practices. It has three functions:

- Ir provides a place for discussion and exchange among IEPI researchers working on public policies and practices as well as structure for receiving lecturers from outside the Institute;

- It encourages contacts and collaborations with scholars and institutions elsewhere;

- It reinforces the visibility of research in public policies and practices being done at IEPI.

The primary aim of LAGAPE is to bring researchers together for intellectual exchange. Both younger and experienced researchers may present their work in this forum. Scholars working on similar issues at other institutions in Switzerland and abroad are also regurlarly invited to Lausanne to present their research.

 The Laboratory's second objective is to promote and disseminate research being done in the area by scholars at the University of Lausanne. Our web site presents research projects and theses in progress, and provides on-line access to pertinent schorlarly publications.

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