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Tourist path along the coastal slope at Cinque Terre (P. Brandolini)

Publié le  12.10.17
Institut de géographie et durabilité

Relations between geomorphological processes and touristic activities in coastal areas in Liguria, Italy

Mercredi 18 Octobre 2017 (8h45 - 9h45) - UNIL - site de Sion - salle 215
Conférencier(s)/animateur(s):  Prof. Pierluigi Brandolini University of Genova, Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences

The conference
The seminar will present and discuss two case studies respectively dealing with: - the analysis of human impact on coastal geomorphological processes following the development of a seaside tourist resort (Rapallo, eastern Liguria, Italy). The main significant morphological changes such as stream diversions and canalizations, excavations and filling, quarry activities, embankments along the shoreline and overurbanization occurred in particular in the last century, in addition to local geomorphological and climate features, increased flood hazard and risk, which historically affected this area. - the analysis of geomorphological hazards and risks along tourist trails in coastal terraced slopes (National Park of Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy). Following the abandonment of farming over the last half a century, the terraced slopes have been progressively affected by land degradation and mass movements. As dramatically evidenced by the effects of the major rainstorm of October 2011, the area and the trails network are currently at very high geomorphological risk. Considering also the presence of more than one million of tourists every year, mitigation measures and conservation policies are urgently needed.

The speaker
Pierluigi Brandolini is Associate Professor in Physical Geography and Geomorphology at the University of Genova. In the framework of national and international projects, his scientific activity focuses on the following main issues: 1) geomorphological evolution of coastal zones; 2) geo-hydrological hazard and risk evaluation; 3) landslide and flooding phenomena in relation to land use changes and heavy rainfall events; 4) geomorphological role of agricultural terraces in slopes stability; 5) urban geomorphology; 6) geomorphological heritage, geosites and geotourism. He is member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology - AIGeo (

Information: Dr Leopold Lucas,, 027 205 73 00


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