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IGU Urban Commission, Canterbury, 2011


Liliane Buccianti-Barakat


Member of the IGU Urban Commission, Member of IPEMED, Member of the AEFM, Member of the Arab Tourism Association, Coordinator of the Scientific Research Commission, Delegate of the Faculty, Responsible of Tourism and Cultural Planning Section


Territorial markers and social fragmentation in Beirut's visual urban landscape


Lebanon has 18 religious communities and a democracy that we qualify as consensual because 20 years after the end of the civil war, tensions persist.

In Lebanon as in other Arab countries, the religious affiliation is reflected in the landscape with signs: schools, places of worship … many visual tags, resounding… which delimit the territories of faith within Beirut and the country.

Our statement shows a particular interest to the markers, the fragmentation and socio-cultural campaign of intimidation fostered by some Lebanese factions who maintain mental as well as identity borders within the population.


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