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World's Events

2013 AAG Los Angeles

AAG Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, April 9-13 2013

AAG 2013 Annual Meeting



Session supported by the IGU Urban commission 2012-2016:



Complex Urban Systems

Urban systems have seen radical changes in recent decades and will continue to evolve. National, continental and global urban systems provide the frameworks for analyses of the role and function of twenty-first century cities. Features such as city size, economic specialization, migration and interaction all influence the place of cities within the hierarchy of urban places. Arguably, transport and communication technologies are particularly important to an understanding of the control functions of cities. Obvious questions emerge surrounding processes and differential development paths taken while the role of government and contribution of various actors is increasingly explored. The IGU Urban Commission proposes a session on ‘Complex Urban Systems’ where presentations, debates and international comparisons are identified and where the accelerated growth of a limited number of global command centres in the highly connected world of electronic communications, finance, trade, and rapid travel are discussed. While the main focus is upon places at the upper end of the hierarchy it is also important to consider the impacts of change on smaller, often declining, less well connected places throughout the remainder of the urban hierarchy.


Joining the session

Interested participants should

1- send an abstract of max 250 words to celine.rozenblat@unil.ch as soon as possible. We will give quickly our agreement to program it in the session: the committee is composed by 3 members of the IGU Urban commission 2012-2016.

2- register first for the conference and then submit their abstract in the regular way (through the AAG website: http://www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting/register).

3- Finally send the registration code (PIN) they receive to the Session organizer, celine.rozenblat@unil.ch, no later than 22th October 2012. Please note that the PIN is activated only after Authors have paid the conference fee AND have submitted the abstract. We will then mention all registration codes that will be in our session.



7th international Conference on Virtual Cities and territories

October 11-13 2011, Lisbon, Portugal

7th International Conference on Virtual Cities and territories



UK SNA Conference - Greenwich 7-9th July 2011

7th UKSNA Conference to be held at Greenwich (London), 7-9th of July 2011.


Abstracts deadline on the 30th of April.

Each paper session will be a full 30'. We are considering panels on social media, geography, political networks, organisational behaviour, theory and methodology among others. We like to facilitate teams of colleagues that would want to present on a themed panel. Please contact us if you would like to make a 'team submission'.

We are able to offer a number of grants to PhD Students.

We have put online abstracts from the list of short courses that will be offered between the 5 & 6th of July. These include nodeXL, tnet, RSiena, Visone, Gephi and ERGM among others. We also intend to organise a 'state of the art session' as part of the main programme.

Abstracts of the keynotes by Mario Diani, Katie Faust and David Knoke to be soon online.

In 2009 the generous hospitality of the Business School of Greenwich University extended to organising a barbeque and jazz band, an active evening entertainment programme, and a keynote delivered over drinks while on a cruise on the river Thames.

Looking forward to your suggestions and input in delivering a vibrant event.
And don't forget submitting your abstract in time.


For further informationshttp://www.uksna.org/2011-conference-call.html


Dimitris Christopoulos & Bruce Cronin
for the conference academic committee

2009 Annual Meeting (Association of American Geographers)

2009 Annual Meeting

March 22-27, 2009 - Riviera Hotel - Las Vegas

Join 8,000 geographers, GIS specialists, and environmental scientists from around the world in Las Vegas for the very latest in research, policy, and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience during the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers, to be held March 22-27, 2009

AAG 2009 Annual Meeting

<b> Global city meeting </b>

 2009 - 7-8th - Abu Dhabi

Global City is the only international forum where public and private leaders exchange best practices and share sustainable urban strategies. This unique networking platform, dedicated to mayors, urban planners, decision-makers and leaders, will be held in Abu Dhabi in April 2009 - for the first time in the Middle East.


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