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Young Scholars Committee

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The Young Scholars Committee aims to encourage participation by and harness ideas from younger members (under 40 years) to ensure the sustainability of this important Commission into the future. All international scholars with a research interest in the following topics are invited to both participate in meetings and suggest new initiatives for consideration:

.   Interdependent urban systems;

.   Change and conflict within cities;

.   Sustainability and social justice.


The Committee will communicate electronically with members on a regular basis and will meet the day before each annual meeting to discuss procedures and new initiatives.


Committee Members

Committee Member Address E-Mail
Dr Niamh Moore University College Dublin, Ireland (Chair) Niamh.Moore@ucd.ie
Dr Tetsuya Ito University of Rissho, Japan tetsudeu@ris.ac.jp
Dr Maria Jose Pineira Mantinan University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain mariajose.pineira@gmail.com
Dr. Tomoko Kubo Gifu University - Japan tmk200430258@yahoo.co.jp



  • Pineira Mantinan M.J. & Moore N. ed. 2012, Changes in the City, Geography Young Scholars Volume 2. Santiago de Compostela: IDEGA, USC and IGU Urban Commission.
  • Pineira Mantinan M.J., Moore N. ed. 2011. New Trends in the Renewal of the City. Young Scholars Committee. IDEGA: Instituto Universitario de Estudios e Desenvolvemento de Galicia.

Pineira-Moore.pdf  (3427 Ko)

Contact us

The Young Scholars Committee are interested in suggestions and ideas for better interaction among urban scholars across the globe. We can be contacted at any of our email addresses listed above.

We also invite all interested scholars to get in touch via our Facebook page and initiate or contribute to ongoing discussions. Just, go to www.facebook.com, create your own account and then search for IGU Urban Commission and click join.


This page in pdf

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