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Task Forces


Establishment of task forces with specific objects to deal with major urban problems is one important issue for the forthcoming steering committee. Four participants (Andre Horn, Petros Petsimeris, Celine Rozenblat and Wayne Davies) took responsibility for constitution of 4 task forces, which will be formulated during the next month, and which are going to take responsibility for sessions at the next commission meeting. The goal is publications.


Task forces Members

Task Forces Members  Address  E-Mail 
Professor Adrian G. Aguilar
Associate Chair 
Instituto de Geografia UNAM
Circuito Exterior, Ciudad
04510 D.F
Professor Celine Rozenblat
Associate Chair 
Université de Lausanne
Institut de Géographie
Faculté des Géosciences
Bâtiment Anthropole
Bureau 4064
Quartier Dorigny
CH-1015 Lausanne 
Professor Andre Horn
(South Africa) 
Department of Geography and Geoinformatics
Univ. of Pretoria
Pretoria 0002
South Africa 
Professor Petros Petsimeris
UMR Geographie-cities
13, rue du four
75006 Paris
Professor Wayne Davies
Department of Geography
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 

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