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Re-enrolment (Doctorate)

Deadlines for the handing-over to the Admissions Service of the new "attestation de thèse" form signed by the thesis director and the Dean's Office of the faculty or school :

- 15 October (autumn semester)
- 28 February (spring semester)


You wish to apply for doctoral studies and are holder of a university degree from UNIL

You do not have to send us a complete application. You will have to provide an updated curriculum vitae to the Admissions Service and hand in the “attestations de thèse” forms signed by your supervising professor to the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office of the faculty/school.

If, after leaving UNIL, you have pursued your studies in another university or university of applied sciences (HES), you have to provide, with the CV, the copies of the diplomas and transcripts you may have obtained, as well as the exmatriculation certificate (only needed for Swiss universities and HES). If you have been exmatriculated from UNIL for longer than 3 semesters, please also include a passport format photograph.

If your application is accepted, the faculty or school returns one of the two “attestations de thèse” forms, signed and stamped by the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office, to the Admissions Service before 15 October 2013 (autumn semester 2013/2014) or 28 February 2014 (spring 2014) If the "attestation de thèse" form has been submitted to the Admissions Service after these deadlines, the registration will be postponed to the next semester (or, in case the late application is accepted, the prospective student will have to pay a surcharge of CHF 200.-).

The “attestations de thèse” forms can be obtained on request at our service immat.doctorat@unil.ch.




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