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Information for incoming exchange students

The UNIL in a few words

The UNIL is located in Lausanne, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The teaching language is French, and English for some Master's programmes.

The UNIL is focused on Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Business and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences.

Is your university a partner of the UNIL?

Check on our database of partner universities!

If yes, you can apply at your home institution (Study abroad office or International relations office) to come at the UNIL as an exchange student.

If not, you can come at the UNIL as a guest student (more information).

Why choose the UNIL?

  • Excellent reputation in research (see the ranking section above)
  • International environment (24% international students)
  • Strong commitment to quality in teaching

And also:

  • A beautiful Lakefront campus
  • A location in the heart of Europe (less than 4 hours by train to Paris or Milan)
  • And a vibrant cultural and night life!

Come on exchange at the UNIL!

 in this site:

Welcome to UNIL!

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