Spirituality in healthcare institutions

Project 3.1: Testing the model STIV

This project aims to develop a model of integration of the spiritual dimension into the care of hospitalized elderly patients in order to improve their treatment and their quality of life. More precisely, we want to test a conceptual model for assessing a patient’s spiritual needs, named STIV (acronym in French for Meaning, Transcendence, Values and Identity). The project is conducted in partnership with Doctor Stéfanie Monod in the University Centre for Geriatric Treatment and Rehabilitation (CUTR Sylvana) CHUV, Lausanne.

Pierre-Yves Brandt and Guy Jobin (Laval University, Quebec) / thesis by Etienne Rochat

Project 3.2: Competencies for healthcare chaplains

This project is designed to determine the competencies of chaplains working in the hospital setting. We aim to clarify the patient’s expectations and, then, to match them with the most requested competencies of healthcare chaplains. The problem of better understanding how spiritual care is shared between healthcare professionals is another objective of this research as well as the specificity of the chaplaincy in the provision of spiritual care within the hospital community.
Research conducted in collaboration with Vaud University Hospital, Lausanne.

Pierre-Yves Brandt / thesis by Nicoleta Sacagiu Cioteanu

Projet 3.3 : Pastoral Care in contemporary hospital : the UK compared to Russia and Greece

The main objective of this project is to better understand the transformation of hospital chaplaincy in increasingly multicultural societies. A comparative analysis of hospital chaplaincy in Great Britain (Cambridge), Greece and Russia will be carried out. The comparison is intended to highlight the degree of integration of the chaplaincy in the hospital in multiconfessional or nondenominational contexts. This research aims also to compare different responses to secularization and to request for nondenominational intervention.
Pierre-Yves Brandt / thesis by Svetlana Vinogradova

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