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Digital microscopy

Olympus SZX12

Microscope used for macrophotography equipped with an ALTRA 20 digital camera; magnification 12 to 144x; transmitted and incident light. 


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Olympus BX51

Microscope used for microphotography equipped with an Olympus XC10  digital camera. No motorized stage is installed on this microspcope; transmitted and incident light.



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Olympus BX61Availability Tescan Mira LMU

Microscope used for microphotography equipped with an ALTRA 20 digital camera and a motorized stage in XYZ. 



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Olympus BX61-VSAvailability Tescan Mira LMU

Microscope used for digital microphotography equipped with  the VS110 Virtual Slide system and an Olympus UC30 digital camera. This instrument also enables mosaic imaging acquisition on large surface areas and extended depth of field.


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Availability Tescan Mira LMUOlympus SZ61- NewWave MicroMill device

Microsampling system designed for high-resolution milling of rocks, minerals and fossils. The resulting powder is then collected for further chemical and/or isotopic analysis. The combination of sub-micron stage resolution, position accuracy and real-time video observation enables sampling of complex structures in skeletal and crystalline materials (e.g. annual growth banding of molluscan shells, crystal growth zonation ...).



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