Geochemistry and Petrology of Earth Systems


The research focuses on deciphering processes shaping the interior of the Earth. Processes act from the sub-micron to the planetary scale. The major areas of research are on (i) igneous processes forming the continental and oceanic crust, (ii) metamorphism, fluid-rock interaction, kinetics and mineral reactions in orogenic environments, (iii) in-situ characterization of isotopic compositions of crystals, fluids and melts, (iv) continent forming processes such as due to mantle heterogeneity and its consequences on volcanic products, and (v) element cycling between the deep Earth, the crust, and the near surface geosphere. A combination of fieldwork, state-of the art laboratory analysis, experimental and computational approaches is used to solve complex problems in the Earth interior.


Research group

Permanent staff

  • Prof. Anders Meibom
  • Prof. Daniela Rubatto
  • Prof. François Bussy
  • Prof. Lukas Baumgartner
  • Prof. Othmar Muntener
  • Dr. Alexey Ulyanov
  • Dr. Anne-Sophie Bouvier
  • Dr. Benita Putlitz
  • Dr. Pierre Vonlanthen
  • Dr. Sébastien Pilet
  • Dr. Stéphane Escrig
  • Anders McCarthy
  • Daniela Rubatto
  • Florent Plane
  • Jean-Claude Lavanchy
  • Laurent Nicod

Research team

  • Prof. György Hetényi
  • Dr. Benoît Petri
  • Dr. Elias Bloch
  • Dr. Florence Begué
  • Dr. Martin Robyr
  • Dr. Mattia Pistone
  • Dr. Michael Jollands
  • Dr. Tania Ewing
  • Dr. Tian Cheng
  • Dr. Romain Lafay
  • Dr. Suzanne Picazo
  • Alexandra Demers-Roberge
  • Anne-Céline Hauser
  • Annelore Bessat
  • Arnaud Devoir
  • Cindy Luisier
  • Davide Roggero
  • Evelyne Tomare
  • Guillaume Siron
  • Katarina Marger
  • Melina Manzini
  • Susanne Skora
  • Suzanne Picazo
  • Vincent Baudraz
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