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Trajectories of precariousness

Karen Brändle

PhD Supervisor: Dario Spini

My thesis is situated within the project “Vulnerability processes across the life course: Cumulative disadvantages, critical events, and socio-psychosocial resources” of NCCR LIVES. The subject of my research is trajectories of precarity, with a definition of precarity as suggested by social quality theory. This approach considers several life-domains, instead of referring to financial aspects only to conceptualize precariousness. The individual as agent of his/her life is central to this approach: Social quality is the individuals’ capacity to act and interact in society. The aim of this thesis is to explore the personal trajectories of individuals in various life situations which could be considered « precarious » by means of biographical methods, namely life calendars. Special attention will be paid to agency and perceived self-efficacy, as well as to the type of interactions with the institutional framework that are maintained by the individuals.


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