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Centre for research in comparative European literatures and languages.

Research projects at the CLE aim to bridge disciplinary boundaries and develop innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the study of languages, literary texts and cultures. The CLE fosters this by bringing together and promoting exchanges and collaborations with teachers and scholars with backgrounds in various domains (text linguistics, philology and discourse analysis among others) and disciplines (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian). Texts are examined in their historical, social and cultural context of production and in the original language, which makes the study of translation and reception a prominent aspect of our teaching and research. 

The main areas of research developed by members of the CLE and doctoral students can be grouped in the following teaching and research areas:

1) Epistemology and methodology of differential comparison from an interdisciplinary perspective

2) Comparative analysis of literary and non-literary genres

3) Comparative analysis of Greek myths and their rewritings

5) Comparative analysis of fairy tales from the sources in Antiquity to the present day

6) Comparative poetics and translation studies

7) Comparative approach to children's literature

8) Comparative narratologies



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