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Finding a job (IOs, NGOs etc.)

Many of our alumni work have used their education to start an international career. Feel free to use the alumni network (ALL) and the contacts therein to talk to them about it (see ALUMNI on this site).

Many of our alumni have used the opportunity to talk to the professors and professionals teaching in our programme to find the right internship or job opportunity for them at the WTO, UNCTAD, WIPO, ITC UNCTAD/WTO, a mission, NGOs etc. (see FACULTY on this site).

An important number of our students apart from those working in major companies, the public administration and law firms in their home counrties have engaged in international careers, many in the Lake Geneva region. The following site provides a useful overview of jobs currently on offer in IOs in our region: http://unjobs.org/organizations/desa



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