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Academic Requirements

The programme is open to candidates holding a University diploma in law corresponding to a Swiss "MLaw" degree. Normally this corresponds to at least 4,5 years of study within the Bologna system and means that students hold both a Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS credits) and a Master's degree (90 ECTS credits).

The Diploma Committee may admit students who have obtained a diploma following at least 3 years of study and at least one further year of studies and/or practical experience, in particular from countries not applying the Bologna system or where a Master's degree is not required for being admitted to practice as a lawyer (such as the United Kingdom). It should, however, be noted that in these cases admission to a doctorate at the University of Lausanne is not possible without obtaining additional credits in order to obtain an "MLaw degree" as it in not identical with the specialized MAS/LL.M. degree awarded in this programme.

Students from the United States and Canada should normally have a undergraduate degree (BA, four years) and at least 1 year of their JD programme. Many US and Canadian Law schools may allow students to follow this programme as part of their JD programme which allows them to obtain the LL.M.  degree at the same time as their JD programme.

Students whose previous university diploma is not in Law but a related field (e.g. International Relations, Economics or similar) may be admitted at the discretion of the Diploma Committee.

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