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In addition to writing a Master Thesis (16 ECTS Credits) students are required to take


  • a common set of compulsory courses (12 ECTS Credits)


  • one of the two possible set of specialization courses: (12 ECTS credits)

          International and European Economic Law = IEL 

          International and European Commercial Law = ICL


  • optional courses (20 ECTS Credits)


In order to obtain the 60 ECTS Credits necessary for the award of the LLM degree.

According to the Bologna System one Credit ECTS corresponds to 25 hours of workload for the student. We foresee normally eight hours of teaching per Credit ECTS, the rest being dedicated to reading, exam preparation, personal research etc.

Class attendance is compulsory. A 75% rule applies, i.e. 75% of all classes of a selected course must be attended in order to be allowed to sit the respective exam. Students are expected to announce their absences in advance whenever possible.

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