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Compulsory Courses

The compulsory common core courses (12 ECTS credits) for all students are:

  • International Economic Law (4 ECTS credits): This course gives a general overview over the main actors and institutions in the area of today's international economic relations. After a historic overview on the development of the current World Economic Order, it looks at the main principles regarding trade, investment, labor migration and monetary and financial aspects of the world economy. The course serves as a common platform for more advanced courses on trade-related issues and investment questions.


  • International Business Transactions (4 ECTS credits): This course will consider selected legal problems in international trade, examining some of the many issues arising out of private business transactions. We will particularly focus on the legal framework for international contracts. Two major areas will be explored: (1) choice of law issues and dispute resolution, in particular international litigation and arbitration; (2) substantial regulation and drafting of international contracts, by analyzing the applicable sources of law from a comparative and uniform law perspective. We will particularly explore international sales (Vienna Convention, trade terms such as Incoterms, letter of credit transactions, etc.) and on the contracts related to the establishment of foreign means of distribution. Particular emphasis will be put on the options available to counsel engaged in the preventive practice of law.


  • European Internal Market Law (4 ECTS credits): The course will introduce to the legal fundaments of the EC's Common (Internal) Market, in particular the Fundamental Freedoms established by the Treaty of Rome: free movement of goods, freedom of movement for workers, freedom of establishment, freedom to provide services, freedom of the movement of capital and of payments. Particular attention will be paid to the pertinent jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice.


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