Specialisation in International and European Economic Law

The compulsory courses (12 ECTS Credits) for students choosing International and European Economic Law (IEL) in addition to the 12 ECTS of the common core courses are:


  • WTO Law : Institutional Issues , Trade in goods and Dispute settlement (4 ECTS credits):This course aims at providing a comprehensive introduction to the law of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO is the institution administering trade liberalization in goods and services. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the basics of the integration process undertaken at the WTO and to point to the ongoing research dedicated to the study of international trade. The course takes an instruments-based approach and aims at explaining the disciplines on instruments affecting trade policy that countries agree to abide by, upon accession to the WTO.


  • International Economic relations from the E.U perspectives: The Common Commercial Policy (2 ECTS credits): This course focus on the  external relation of the European Union specially with  the WTO.


  • International Trade in Services (2 ECTS credits): The aim of this course is to provide a thorough overview of the law and economics of trade in services, with particular reference to the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).  The course will review the economics of services trade; the rules governing multilateral trade in services; the GATS case law; and the state of international negotiations on trade in services.


  • Public Policy and WTO - SPS, TBT (2 ECTS credits): This course aims at providing students with a general overview of the WTO rules which regulate the relationship between health, environment and trade. These rules are mainly set forth in Art. XX of the GATT, as well as in the TBT and SPS Agreements, which will constitute the main focus of this course. Themes, such as the growing use of non-tariff barriers to trade, government regulatory policies, the use of standards (public and private), and the precautionary principle, will also be discussed.


  • International Intellectual Property Law (2 ECTS credits): This course focus on Intellectual property as part of The WTO international trading system. It gives an overall view of the TRIPS agreement. The second part of the course explore IP issues that are currently on the WTO's agenda , their policy implications as well as the WTO's dispute settlement practice in this area.


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