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Few words to welcome you

Few words to welcome you

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"We are delighted to welcome you in our LL.M. Programme. You will face many challenges and get a great experience!" 

 Professor A. Ziegler

Director of the LL.M.


The University of Lausanne situated at a conveniently short distance from Geneva and its International Organizations offers a unique postgraduate programme starting in Fall 2017

leading to the award of an LL.M. in International and European Economic and Commercial Law.

The programme is entirely taught in English as per the following specializations:

  • International and European Economic Law.
  • International and European Commercial Law.

Furthermore French language courses are available throughout the year. This way even students who don't speak French in the beginning have a good chance to acquire a decent level of this language for a career in government, business, legal practice or in an international organization.

Teaching takes usually place on two full days per week (Thursdays and Fridays).

The rest of the time is reserved for individual reading and preparation of course assignments and group work.

The programme has to be taken in one year of full-time studies or in two years of part-time studies. It is based on the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) Model under the Bologna Declaration for a European Higher Education Area - thus intended for participants who have already a graduate diploma in law or a related field.

The 60 ECTS credits of the programme are made up of taught courses and interactive seminars, a Master Thesis and various excursions to International Organisations and EU institutions.

The courses are given by a team of distinguished academics and experienced practitioners, working in the Government, in major international law firms and international organizations in Geneva as well as the EU institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.


This postgraduate programme aims at preparing lawyers from around the world for high-level challenges in a globalized economy with a special focus on the role of Europe and the European Union.

Through the acquisition of knowledge and the training of respective competences, the graduates of this programme will be prepared to become highly-skilled experts and decision makers in international law firms, multinational enterprises, civil service, international organizations and academia.

The programme combines theory and practice in a number of core fields of the world economy. It aims at providing students with the necessary skills to work in an international environment andcommunicate with their peers.




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