Naji Bey Merhaby (LL.M. Lausanne 2012), Lebanon.

"The turning point in my education was when I began studying the LLM in International and European Economic and Commercial Law at UNIL. Throughout the program I was impressed at how thoroughly the professors discussed complicated ideas related to the study of law. I was given the opportunity to speak with some of the most impressive, accomplished individuals I have ever met - whether they were experts, professors, consultants, lawyers, or classmates, I felt truly enriched by my conversations with them.
This program has been playing a very important role in providing me an academic and professional knowledge that today leads me to start my PhD in Lausanne University and my legal career as a professional lawyer.
Finally, I can say it was a great decision and a brilliant experience that far exceeded my expectations."


Fernanda Buff (LLM Lausanne 2009), Brazil

"Studying an LLM in International and European Economic and Commercial Law at UNIL - Université de Lausanne was a great decision and a brilliant experience that far exceeded my expectations. Being in an international environment with lawyers of all over the world helped me broaden my knowledge in different legal systems, enabling me to compare and contrast them, which was an unique opportunity that add value for what we usually learn at an university degree. The LLM allowed me to expand my network, not only with the classmates, who became good friends, but also with the professors. In addition, the excellent quality of the lectures, the infrastructure of the classes, the library and the support from the university favored a genuine learning environment. The LLM program has given me the base to build a solid and successful future."


Marc Bungenberg (LLM Lausanne 1995; Professor), Germany

" the times in Lausanne and especially in the LL.M. Programme were some of the best I ever had!"


Kofi Amenyah, (LLM Lausanne 2009) Ghana

"Very well thought-of Programme. Very well structured. Excellent delivery. Combines theory with practicals, thus bringing out the usefulness of the Programme. Proximity to the Geneva-based trade-related institutions like the WTO, UNCTAD, WIPO brings freshness to the programme that students elsewhere can never experience. As a trade negotiator and an investment promotion officer for my country, Ghana, I really found the INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW programme very rewarding!"

Astrid van de Maele (LLM Lausanne 2009), Belgium

"What I will remember the most from my LLM year in Lausanne is the people and the place.The size of the LLM class facilitates interaction during lectures. It allows you to thoroughly get to know every single one of your fellow LLM students and you will make friends for life! The LLM staff as well is very accessible and always ready to help you with any difficulty you might come across. The city of Lausanne is a great place to study. On the one hand it offers all the advantages of a small city, with its beautiful green environment, the lake and the proximity of the mountains. The law school is situated just next to the lake and you will see (and hear) the sheep walking around while you are studying at the library. On the other hand, Lausanne is also as multicultural and lively as many of the big cities in Europe. All these things make Lausanne a peaceful and stimulating place to study. The total package of great academics, amazing people and a stunning environment turned my year in Lausanne into one of the most beautiful experiences in my life."


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