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The choice of the right programme is a very important decision. Here are a few reasons why this programme might appeal to you:


  • Since 1537 when the Academy of Lausanne (Académie de Lausanne) was founded, the University of Lausanne has been engaged in the teaching of Law. Professors like Jean Barbeyrac (1771), Leon Walràs (1871) Alfredo Pareto (1893), or Otto Riese (former judge at the European Court of Justice) have taught at what today is the Faculty of Law and Criminal Sciences of the University of Lausanne. Max Huber (a former judge at the Permanent Court of International Justice) was a student here.


  • Lausanne and its neighborhood have always played a prominent role in international law, be it because of its location close to Geneva be it because of its importance for international conferences and institutions like the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or international companies and environmental NGOs in the area. The Treaty of Lausane of 1923, the Montreux Convention of 1936 or the Arab-Israeli peace conference of 1949 are important witnesses of this fact.


  • Our programme has some unique features which distinguish it from many programmes offered in Europe these days. Contrary to the programmes usually offered under the heading "LLM" in the Netherlands, Germany or the United Kingdom this programme is a true post-graduate programme (like in the US or Australia) which is only open to students already having at least four years of university studies. You will thus study with a deliberately small group of not more than 30-40 graduates. This makes the study very practice-oriented teaching and guarantees high quality. The fact that courses are concentrated on a few days of teaching per week allow for the participation of many practitioners from Geneva's missions and international organizations, leave plenty of time to study individually and enhance the contact with our faculty which is often essential in finding your first job!


  • While we think that the usual ranking criteria for universities worldwide and especially law schools are problematic the University is constantly ranked among the world top universiites which is mostly due to the excellent funding and working conditions in Switzerland. The Ranking Forum for Swiss Universities provides updated data. On LLM Guide our LLM programme is the most popular in Switzerland.


  • Since 1991 the Faculty of Law and Criminal Sciences at the University of Lausanne has established Switzerland's most important centre for the combined teaching of International Economic, International commercial and European Union law within the Center for Comparative, European and International Law. During his tenure as a professor of law, 1991-2007, Professor Roland Bieber (a former Legal Adviser the European Parliament), has managed to consolidate the programme in the field of EU law. Several hundred alumni of the programme are currently working in international organizations, international law firms and multinational companies. Have a look at the list of our former students...


  • Since 1995, the year of the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the programme in EU law has benefited from the fact that an important number of experts in international economic law based at the WTO and other international organizations in nearby Geneva (WIPO, UNCTAD, etc.) have taught in the programme. It is clearly recognized as a major strength of the programme that it is organized in close cooperation with lecturers from the relevant international organizations in the field and practitioners from leading international law firms. Have a look at our teachers....


  • A further strength of the programme stems from the fact that the campus of the University of Lausanne hosts also the renowned Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (SICL) with its important collections of materials in comparative and international law. The European Documentation Centre hosted by the Institute and the importance of its collection contribute to the outstanding working conditions at the University of Lausanne. The SICL publishes a monthly newsletter relating to EU law and houses Switzerland's biggest library in the field. It is certainly also one of the biggest libraries of its kind ind Europe and worldwide.


  • The Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe and Centre for European Research are located a few steps from the Center for Comparative, European and International Law at the Ferme de Dorigny.The Foundation's important archives of the origins and development of the European communities are available to universities and researchers, including the personal archives of Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Robert Marjolin, François Fontaine, Jacques Van Helmont, Paolo Emilio Taviani, Robert Triffin, and the Earl of Perth.
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