The academic year is divided into two terms of 14 weeks each during which the teaching takes place:

  • The Fall Term runs approximately from the middle of September to Christmas. The exam session takes place in January.
  • The Spring Term starts approximately during the third week of February and ends in late May. It is followed by an exam session in June and another one in August.

The exact dates of the academic calendar for the University for each year can be found at here.


Study Tours

The Study Tour to the European Institutions in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels takes normally place during the last week of the Winter Break, i.e. in the week before the Spring Term officially starts, approximately the second week of February.

Additional excursions to the international organizations in nearby Geneva are organized throughout the year.



Students are requested to take all exams relating to the courses taught during the Fall term in January.

In June they take the exams relating to the courses taught during the Spring term and (can resit exams for which they did not obtain sufficient grades at the first session).

The August exam session can only be used to resit exams that were not successfully completed in June or could not be taken due to illness or force majeure.


Master Thesis

Students are requested to register their Master Thesis topic by 15 December of the year of admission. The Master Thesis must be completed by 15 May if the participant desires to obtain his diploma at the end of the same academic year



Full-time students who start their studies in the Fall will normally have completed their Master thesis and passed all exams by late June (mid-February for those who have started in the previous Spring). They are invited to attend the official graduation ceremony which takes place in December in order to obtain their diploma. However, final grades are available as early as four weeks after taking the final exams.


Date Fall Class Spring Class
Fall Term Courses -
15 December Register Master Thesis -
January Exams -
February Study Tour EU Institutions -
Spring Term Courses Courses
15 May - Register Master Thesis
June Exams Exams
August (Exams) -
December Graduation Ceremony -
Fall Term - Courses
January - Exams
February - Study Tour EU Institutions
June - (Exams)
December - Graduation Ceremony
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