Students have to sit the exams of the respective courses immediately following the semester during which the teaching of the courses took place, i.e. for the courses of the fall term in January (second to fourth week) and for the courses of the spring term in June (second to fourth week).

This means for students that they must take the exams for all courses they took during the Fall term in January and then in June must take all exams for the courses taught during the spring semester as well as those exams from January they might have to take again. In August there remains one final chance to take those exams that students did not pass in January and June.

The grades are given on a scale from 1 to 6, 6 being the best. Any grade 4 or higher is considered sufficient and the respective exam is considered as passed. In order to succeed in the programme students must obtain a grade of  4 on average for all compulsory courses (12 ECTS); they must equally obtain 4 on average for all specialization-specific courses (12 ECTS) and 4 on average of the optional courses (20 ECTS).

Students can only take exams for courses which are part of their programme (common core courses, specialization-specific courses and chosen options).

The exams are all in writing. Each teacher submits a number of questions or Case-Law, essay topics for exams. The mark is weighted according to its credit points for the final average grade.

The exam questions and essay topics are chosen by the respective teacher and also corrected by him. He will prepare students during the course to the type of exam he is planning.

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