Contrary to some other programmes offered under the name LL.M.,  this is a genuine post-graduate programme that qualifies students for a professional career in the selected area.
Therefore it is assumed that our students will normally have basic knowledge of International and European subjects, usually taught in Bachelor and Master level.
Students who have not previously taken courses in the respective areas or who would like to update their basic understanding are recommended to read the following books.
  1. The legal texts "The results of the Uruguay round of the multilateral trade negotiations".
  2. The Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union.
  3. International Economic Law by Asif Qureshi/ Andreas Ziegler, Sweet & Maxwell.


for International Economic Law:

  1. International Law, Martin Dixon, Oxford University Press, 2007, 6th edition.
  2. Bowett´s Law of International Institutions, Philippe Sands Q.C. and Pierre Klein, Sweet & Maxwell, 2009, 6th edition.
  3. Principles of International Investment Law, Rudolf Dolzer and Christoph Schreuer, Oxford University Press, 2008.

for European Law:

  1. European Union Law, Damien Chalmers/ Gareth Davies/Giorgio Monti, Cambrigde 2010.
  2. EU Law, Stephen Weatherill, Oxford 2010, 9th edition.
  3. Précis de Droit Européen, Roland Bieber and Francesco Maiani, Berne 2016, 3ème edition - for the participants who would like to read in French.

for the law of WTO:

  1. Trade in Goods, Petros C. Mavroidis, Oxford University Press, paperback edition, 2008.
  2. The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization, Peter van den Bossche, Cambridge, 2008, second edition.

for International Business Transaction:

  1. International Jurisdiction and Commercial Litigation: Uniform Rules for Contract Disputes, Hélène van Lith, Asser, 2009
  2. Law and Practice of the International Commercial Arbitration, Redfern/Hunter, student version, Sweet & Maxwell, lastest edition. This book is the reference book as well for International Arbitration.
  3. Drafting international contracts: an analysis of contract clauses, Marcel Fontaine, Filip De Ly, Leiden, Boston, M.Nijhoff Pub., 2009

for International Tax Law:

  • The International Taxation System , Andrew Lymer/John Hasseldine, Kluwer, latest edition.  



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