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Name  Courses 
Banke, Klaus  International Mergers and Acquisitions 
Besson, Sebastien 
Bieber, Roland 
Bonomi, Andrea  International Business Transactions 
Brakeland, Jean-François  EU Trade Remedies 
Bungenberg, Marc 
Chambovey, Didier  The Regulatory State in a Globalization World at work 
Cho, Sungjoon  
Cortes-Monroy, Ricardo  Multinational Enterprises and the Law 
Druckman, Karen  Legal Research and Writing 
Frey, Johannes  International Taxation 
Grin, Gilles  History of European Union 
Hahn, Michael  European Internal Market Law  
  International Economic Relations from the EU Perspective: The Common Commercial Policy 
  WTO Law: Institutional Issues, Dispute Settlement and Trade in Goods 
Heiskanen, Veijo  International Commercial Arbitration (Litigation)  
Herrmann, Christoph  European and International Monetary Law 
Iynedjian, Marc  Public Policy and the WTHO - SPS, TBT 
Kessie, Edwini  Trade and Development 
Kwakwa, Edward  International Intellectual Property Law 
Maechler, Monica  The Regulatory State in a Globalization World at Work 
Malanczuk, Peter 
Marchetti, Juan A.   International Trade in Service 
Palazzo, Guido 
Pierola, Fernando  Trade Remedies 
Piffaretti, Patrick 
Qureshi, Asif  
Romano, Gian Paolo 
Schmitt von Sydow, Helmut 
Schuster, Gunnar   Selected Issues of International and European Economic and Commercial Law 
Tarlock, Dan 
Wager, Hannu 
Wauters, Jasper M. 
Wijkstrom, Erik  Public Policy and the WTO - SPS, TBT 
Wolffgang, Michael  The European Union at Work 
Zäch, Roger  International and European Competition Law 
Zdouc, Werner 
Ziegler, Andreas R.   International Economic Law 
  Investment Law: Substantive and Procedural Aspects 


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