Swiss Government Scholarship

General Information

There exist an important number of generally available scholarships by the Swiss Government. Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), the Swiss Government grants foreign students university scholarships which are also available for this programme.

These scholarships are relatively generous but will not exempt you from the payment of the tuitions fees of this programme !

If you inted to apply for these scholarship you need to be aware that you need to apply early (deadline usually by the end of October of the previous year). Be aware that you will be asked to submit with your application for this scholarship to the Commission a letter of pre-admission by the Directors of this programme if you wish to use these scholarships for attendance of the LLM Programme. We can only provide you with such a letter if we obtain your request in due time and if you fullfill our admission requirements. Upon screening you cv and motivation letter we will provide you with such a letter whichh will be accepted by the FCS.

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