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What do I do with my academic degree? | It's Time to Burst the Academic Bubble

What do I do with my academic degree?



The site "Beyond the doctorate" hosted by the University of Neuchatel is designed to help those who are reaching the end of their doctorate, or have already completed it, and are seeking information concerning possibilities of pursuing their research career, wondering about the conditions regarding this choice and/or would like tips regarding possible alternative paths. If you are envisioning an academic career in particular, you might want to have a look at the brochure "Guide pratique de la relève académique" published by the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of UNIL (in French only for the moment).

Career help at the different universities can be found in different places, e.g.


- UNIGE Career counseling service

- UNIGE Service Egalité



- Service d'orientation et conseil (e.g. for CV checks)

- Graduate campus (coaching and counseling)

- Service d'egalité (coaching and career support, e.g. PROWD - Professional Women with Doctorate)



It's Time to Burst the Academic Bubble

An inspiring talk by Mariana Cerdeira | TEDxHUBerlin

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Designing your career tips

Videos from Standford's "Designing Your Life" and other ressources

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Do you want to share information with other LN PhD students about travel grants, training opportunities, or other?

Please e-mail the LN Coordinator with the link!!

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