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Full Program | LNAM'09 Symposia

Full Program

Friday November 27th 2009

08:30-09:30   Registration + Coffee & croissant

09:30-09:45   Opening

09:45-10:45   Plenary lecture - Trevor Robbins

"Fractionating impulsivity: neuropsychiatric implications"

10:45-12:30   Short talks by Lemanic Neuroscientists (10 x 10’)


12:30-14:15   Sandwich Lunch + Poster session


14:15-16:00   Symposia (3x20' or 4x15' presentations + 45' round table)

16:00-16:30   Coffee break

16:30-17:45   Short talks by Lemanic Neuroscientists (7 x 10’)

17:45-18:45   Plenary lecture - Mathias Jucker

"The prion-aspect of Alzheimer´s disease"

18:45-19:00   Poster Prizes "Fonds Jean Falk-Vairant"

                     Closing remarks

19:00-20:00   Apèro in poster rooms

20:00-21:30   Dinner in hotel restaurant

21:30-23:00   DJ in hotel restaurant


LNAM'09 Symposia

1. Psychiatric Neuroscience


Pierre Magistretti (EPFL, UniL)
Dominique Muller (Unige-CMU)


14:15 Pierre Magistretti (EPFL): Strategies du bridge neuroscience and psychiatry
14:35 Dominique Muller (CMU, Unige): Synaptopathies in psychiatry
14:55 Alexandre Dayer (HUG): Neurodevelopmental pathways in psychiatry
15:15 Pierre Marquet (EPFL): Imaging plasticity in psychiatry
15:35 Martin Preisig (CNP, CHUV): Psychiatric epidemiology and neuroscience: a new challange for collaboration


2. Molecular and network regulation of sleep: from rodents to humans


Anita Lüthi (UniL-DBCM)
Michel Mühlethaler (Unige-CMU)
Mehdi Tafti (UniL-CIG)


14:15 Paul Franken (CIG, Unil): Genetic and sleep-wake dependent aspects of EEG slow-waves in mice
14:45 Pierre-Hervé Luppi (CNRS UMR, Lyon): The neuronal network of paradoxical (REM) sleep
15:15 Hans-Peter Landolt (Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Univ. of Zurich): Genetic aspects of sleep-wake regulation in humans
15:45 Discussion


3. Neuroimaging

14:15 Richard Frackowiak (UniL-CHUV): Classifying brain images for medical research
14:35 Christoph Michel (Unige-CMU): Electrical neuroimaging in clinical and cognitive neuroscience
14:55 Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL): Towards global brain connectivity analysis by diffusion MRI
15:15 Rolf Gruetter (CIBM): MRI spectroscopy of the human brain
15:35 General Discussion


4. Synaptic mechanisms


Christian Lüscher (Unige-CMU)
Carl Petersen (EPFL)


14:15 Christian Lüscher (CMU, Unige): Synaptic mechanisms of drug addiction
14:45 Graham Knott (EPFL): The dynamics of neuronal structure
15:15 Carl Petersen: Synaptic mechanisms of sensory perception
15:45 General Discussion


5. Neurodegeneration


Patrick Fraering (EPFL)
Panteleimon Giannakopoulos (Unige)


14:15 Patrick C. Fraering (EPFL): Are the amyloid-beta peptides the sole causative agents of Alzheimer’s disease?
14:30 Panteleimon Giannakopoulos (UniGe): Identification of biological markers of cognitive decline: hopes and limits
14:45 Gabriel Gold (UniGe): Sorting out the clinical consequences of vascular burden in brain aging
15:00 Dirk Beher (Head of Neurobiology Merck Serono): Drug discovery for Neurodegenerative Diseases and its Challenge
15:15 Round table discussion


6. Neurorehabilitation and cerebral plasticity

Armin Schnider (Unige-HUG): Rehabilitation of motor function
Stephanie Clarke (UniL-CHUV): Rehabilitation of cognitive functions


7. Emotions: Everything you always wanted to know about the amygdala (and were never told)


Nouchine Hadjikhani (EPFL)
Patrik Vuilleumier (Unige-CMU)


14:15 David Sander (FAPSE): Neuropsychology of affective relevance in amygdala
14:45 Nouchine Hadjikhani (EPFL): The role of amygdala in autism
15:15 Patrik Vuilleumier (CMU & HUG): Attention and awareness in amygdala response
15:45 General Discussion


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