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Course Organizers' info


1. All courses are given in English, and the slides should be done also in English.

2. Courses have a duration that corresponds to the credit system:

 # periods (45 min)
0.5 7-9
1 14 ± 2
1.5 21 ± 2
2 28 ± 2
2.5 35 ± 2
3 42 ± 2

3. Courses follow mainly these two formats:
• One-week courses, with lectures and article discussion in the morning and practicals in the afternoon.
• One morning or afternoon, once a week, for several consecutive weeks. Each course should be 3-4 hours long, when possible, to make it efficient for those traveling between Lausanne and Geneva.

4. A minimum of 6 students is required for a course to take place.

5. An evaluation of the acquired knowledge is required, through a written exam, a report to write at home or an article presentation followed by a discussion.

6. The faculty involved on these courses should be mainly local. One or two external speakers per course could be sponsored by the doctoral school, when justified.

7. If you wish to obtain a contribution from the LN program to sponsor your course, please keep in mind that at least half of the students participating must be from the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School or the EPFL-EDNE program.



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