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Lemanic Neuroscience
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LN t-shirts

In the Summer 2011 we made these t-shirts to promote the Lemanic Neuroscience program.

  • The top 4 colors are for men: Grey, Green, Orange and Blue
  • The bottom 4 colors are for women (tighter around the arms): Grey, Ligth Blue, Light Green and Red

We have 3 sizes for men (small, medium and large) but for the women colors we only have the small size left. Unless you are a real size S, we recommend you to go for the men colors. Small for men would correspond to a medium for women.



We are selling them at 20 CHF. If you wish to buy one, transfer the money to the account indicated in this PDF, and e-mail the LN coordinator when you do it, indicating also the address where you wish to receive the t-shirt.





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