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Midterm evaluation

Goal | Format & Schedule | Location | Reports | Jury | After the evaluation (mandatory for UNIL-FBM students; to keep in mind for other students)


The midterm evaluations are organized each year in March-April (and in autumn upon demand) for PhD students who have been working on their project around 2-3 semesters. The goal is to evaluate the first part of the thesis project. Eventually, the jury could make suggestions about the continuation of the project and the publications.

The thesis director's attendance is not mandatory, but he/she is welcome to attend as far as the student is responsible for answering all questions.

If the midterm evaluation is insufficient, a second meeting will be scheduled with the student, the thesis director and the members of the Doctoral School committee.


Format & Schedule

The midterm evaluation lasts 30 minutes for each student. During the first 12 minutes, the student presents his/her research project. This presentation is followed by 13 min of questions and discussion with the jury. The last 5 min are reserved for the jury to discuss in private.

The next evaluations will be held in autumn 2015, details will be announced by mail to the concerned students, thesis directors and jury members.


Date & Place Room
Geneva, December 2, 2015 CMU, room 8020
Lausanne, December 1, 2015 DNF, Rue Bugnon 9, Salle APP



One month before the midterm evaluation both the student and the thesis director are asked to submit a report by e-mail to the LNDS coordinator, using the official form.

The student's report should describe how the thesis project has started and how it will develop in the next 1-2 years.

The thesis director's report should describe the progress of the student, both academically and experimentally, and the state of the student's publications.

Both the student and the thesis director should report any minor or major problems that could exist and describe in detail what these problems are.

The Doctoral School strongly encourages to write the reports and present your project in English. Nevertheless, the use of French is also accepted. If you decide to present in French, the questions following your presentation will be done (and should be answered) in English. The idea is to evaluate your level of English and help you improve your presentation skills.

Download the forms for the student and thesis director reports from the right column on this page.



The midterm jury is composed by 5 members:

  • The local co-director of the LN Doctoral School, Anthony Holtmaat in Geneva and Jean-Pierre Hornung in Lausanne
  • Two to three Lemanic researchers from different reseach fields
  • The LNDS coordinator.

The students will receive a short report from the jury maximum one month after their presentation.



After the evaluation (mandatory for UNIL-FBM students; to keep in mind for other students)

After the evaluation, students at the FBM of UNIL will be asked to submit the composition of their thesis defense jury at least 3 months later using the form below.

At other faculties, the jury composition needs to be announced (for the moment) when the thesis is submitted, but since this often causes additional stress to students just before submission, you should think about the thesis jury composition well in advance! Please think of discussing these important issues with your thesis supervisors, keeping in mind the jury requirements stated here.

Necessary changes can still be done before the thesis is actually defended.

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Forms to use for the Mid-term reports

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