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LN PhD students can get reimbursed for traveling between Geneva and Lausanne to attend doctoral and master courses approved by the school. To get reimbursed, you would need to attend at least 80% of courses, including the exam.

The procedure is somehow complex because it does not depend on the LNDS, but on the institution where the PhD student in enrolled. Please read this page carefully!

PhD students from Unil and Univ.Fribourg have to send their dossier to the LN Doctoral School Coordinator (Ulrike Toepel, LN Doctoral School, Amphipole 316, University of Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne).

PhD students from Unige have to send their dossier to Marie-Ange De La Sen (Dept. Neurosciences Fond., bureau 7016, Centre Médical Universitaire-CMU, Rue Michel-Servet 1, 1206 Genève) AND send an e-mail to the LN Coordinator indicating the amount requested and the courses that were attended.

In both cases, please respect the following points:

  1. Traveling by public transportation with a half-price or a AG card can be reimbursed. If you don't have a half-price card, please consider getting one.
  2. Those with a AG card can still get reimbursed for the half-price fare. Include in your dossier a photocopy of your AG card and specify the price of your trip with a half-price fare. Unige student will need to use the Unil form in this case, since the University of Geneva does not reimburse those with an AG card.
  3. Buy a City-Ticket when you need train + bus. It is easier and cheaper.
  4. The original tickets should be displayed on a separate A4 page, fixed with tape or glue - Please do not use staples!
  5. If the only way you can attend a course is driving your car, please e-mail the LN coordinator explaining the reasons. You will then get reimbursed for the equivalent of the train half-price fare, as if you had a AG card. Please proceed as explained in the second point of this list.
  6. Include in your dossier the reimbursement form, including your name and personal address, bank details, name of the course, dates, organizer, etc. There is a different form for students enrolled at the University of Lausanne (doc-file below) and those registered at the University of Geneva (excel file below).
  7. Collect the teacher's signature in the reimbursement form, for each course. In the Unil form there is a column for this. In the Unige form, please use the column named "Libellés".
  8. IMPORTANT: in the Unige form you must fill out those boxes marked with a blue "x", and include also your signature and your thesis director signature. Please give the original form to Mari-Ange De La Sen.
  9. Please send your tickets maximum 2 months after your trip, no later. After 2 months we will not be able to reimburse you anymore!


When you are an Unil student, please always use this form

When you are an Unige student ... please use this form


If you have questions regarding this procedure, do not hesitate to contact the LNDS Coordinator.

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