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Run with the LN team

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Started (nearly) in the sun, ended up soaking wet!
The brave LN running teams stood up against not so nice weather conditions and succeeded as usual! Two NEUROPHILES teams ran the 10 km (team 1 & 3) and team 3 went for the 20km.
As usual, the DNF activated all its resources, but the support from CHUV and the University of Geneva is on the rise! Stay tuned for next year's run!


Simone Astori Neurophiles3 55.50,8
Lara Buscemi Neurophiles3 1:01.47,4
Katerina Catalan-Seidl Neurophiles1 58.07,4
Jean-Yves Chatton Neurophiles2 1:39.36,6
Christine Massonnet Neurophiles1 1:03.49,5
David Perruchoud Neurophiles2 1:49.07,3
Christine Fülling Neurophiles1 1:12.21,1
Gregoire Python Neurophiles2 1:43.01,2
Imène Henaoui Neurophiles3 58.53,8
Lorenz Hirt Neurophiles1 48.48,3
Jerome Spring Neurophiles2 1:22.26,8
Julian Gaviria Neurophiles3 53.47,1
Michel Kielar Neurophiles1 1:01.15,8
Kirsten Emmert Neurophiles3 1:07.22,7
Francine Ménétrey Neurophiles1 56.11,0
Jonathan Moss Neurophiles1 59.22,3
Anna Motterle Neurophiles3 1:05.43,5
Raphael Thézé Neurophiles1 50.30,3
Theresa Rimmele Neurophiles3 1:03.35,9
Zita Rovo Neurophiles1 50.23,7
Iaroslav Savtchouk Neurophiles3 1:13.03,9
Nicolas Toni Neurophiles3 54.30,3




In 2014, three teams of "NEUROPHILES" comprising of members of the Lemanic Neuroscience program and collegues of the DNF and CNP of UNIL/CHUV started in the "20 km of Lausanne". This year, nearly 20'000 runners were present at the event overall!

This year, we were accompanied by sunshine all over, putting a smile on the face of runners even when being slightly exhausted ;-)

In the 10km race, team NEUROPHILE 3 finished in position 64 and team NEUROPHILE 1 in position 73 (out of 89 teams).

In the 20km race, the team NEUROPHILE 2 finished in position 26 (out of 39).

Congratulations to all runners and thank you for again making the Lemanic Neuroscience program so visible !!!

Name Team Time achieved
Astori, Simone Neurophiles3 58.07
Buscemi, Lara Neurophiles3 1:05.50
Carriero, Giovanni Neurophiles2 1:40.28
Catalan-Seidl, Katerina Neurophiles1 1:00.55
De Meo, Rosanna Neurophiles1 1:10.32
Fournier, Margot Neurophiles2 1:27.06
Jabinet, Laura Neurophiles3 56.52
Kielar, Michel Neurophiles1 1:07.53
Krzisch, Marine Neurophiles1 52.58
Martinez Usatorre, Amaia Neurophiles2 1:44.49
Massonnet, Christine Neurophiles1 1:05.31
Mittaud, Peggy Neurophiles3 54.12
Perruchoud, David Neurophiles2 1:54.39
Ramonet, David Neurophiles3 1:05.51
Rimmele, Theresa Neurophiles3 59.18
Rovo, Zita Neurophiles1 52.57
Schnider, Mirko Neurophiles2 1:44.49
Toni, Nicolas Neurophiles3 55.27
Tugay, Ksenia Neurophiles2 2:07.03
Udry, Florian Neurophiles2 1:43.37



This year, 2013, we organized for the second time teams to represent the Lemanic Neuroscience program in the 20 Km of Lausanne, a popular race with more than 18'000 runners in all different categories.

We had eight runners for the 10 Km and six for the 20 Km in Lausanne. The race took place on Saturday April 27th under a cold and persistent rain. Some of us improved our times from last year (... one year older, 1 minute faster!!), and many did an excellent race, running faster than they had expected.

The LN team for the 10 Km ended in position 39th out of 86 teams, and we were 18th out of 32 for the 20 Km team.

Congratulations to all runners and thanks for contributing to the visibility of the Lemanic Neuroscience program!!


Results 2013, 10 Km

Name Institution Time
At, Ayse LN PhD student, CHUV, Lausanne 54' 05''
Begic, Penelope LN fan 55' 51''
Bolea, Sonia LN coordinator 55' 51''
De Meo, Rosanna LN PhD student, CHUV, Lausanne 1h 04' 18''
Frazer, Sarah LN PhD student, CMU, Unige 58' 16''
Hofstetter, Christoph LN PhD student, CMU, Unige 44' 46''
Hurni, Nicolas LN PhD student, CMU, Unige 46' 37''
Mittaud, Peggy LN intern coordinator 54' 49''

Results 2013, 20 Km

Name Institution Time
Antigny, Fabrice PhD student, CMU, Unige 1h 30' 08''
Chatton, Jean-Yves Professor, DNF, Unil 1h 32' 51''
Egervari, Kristof MD-PhD, CMU, Unige 1h 51' 20''
Fournier, Margot Postdoc, CNP-CHUV, Lausanne 1h 33' 15''
Quairiaux, Charles Assistant Professor, CMU, Unige 1h 29' 06''
Salmon, Patrick Biologist, CMU, Unige 1h 56' 56''






In 2012 sixteen courageous neuroscientists and LN friends ran with us, leaving the LN teams in a glorious position:
10th out of 31 teams for the 20 Km, and 43rd out of 88 teams for the 10 Km.

According to Nicolas Toni, we ran a total of 240km, which amounts 16’000 calories and the equivalent of 2 kg of body fat. We can thus claim that on that glorious day of April we lost 2kg of Neuroscientists!!

Thanks to all for contributing like this to the visibility of the LN program!


Results 2012, 10 Km

Name Institution Time
Boutrel, Benjamin LN faculty, Univ. Lausanne, CHUV-CNP 48' 59''
Hurni, Nicolas LN PhD student, Univ. Geneva, CMU 49' 54''
At, Ayse LN PhD student, CHUV, Lausanne 54' 57''
Krzisch, Marine LN PhD student, Univ. Lausanne, DBCM 55' 56''
Guidi, Raffaella LN graduate, working at the School of Biology, Univ. of Lausanne 56' 53''
Bolea, Sonia LN coordinator 56' 57''
Toni, Nicolas LN faculty, Univ. Lausanne, DBCM 1h 02' 33''
Fülling, Christine LN PhD student, Univ. Lausanne, DBCM 1h 03' 09''
Chenal, Julie LN graduate, working at Serono 1h 04' 47''
Yamashita, Takayuki Postdoc, EPFL-BMI 1h 05' 14''

Results 2012, 20 Km

Name Institution Time
Dal-Zotto, Franck LN fan 1h 23' 20''
Junod, David LN fan 1h 34' 44''
Quairiaux, Charles LN faculty, Univ. Geneva, CMU 1h 37' 29''
Vincent, Patrick LN fan 1h 38' 44''
Chatton, Jean-Yves LN faculty, Univ. Lausanne, DBCM 1h 39' 43''
Hofstetter, Christoph LN PhD student, Univ. Geneva, CMU 1h 43' 46''
Herr, Winship LN fan 2h 01' 08''


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Jean-Pierre Hornung, co-director of the LN school, runs more than any of us, up and down Lausanne, to take pictures.
Click below to see photos taken by him and other team supporters!  

Pictures 2012

Pictures 2013

Pictures 2014

Pictures 2015

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